Phoenix Tales | Contrib

Do you want to contribute to Project Nyx?
Currently we're looking for...

Engine Programmers (You will be responsible for implementing new features and reconstruct old functions (experience with C++ required), see our Git

Scripters for realizing ingame cutscenes (You build cutscenes according to given scripts; most likely with LeGo)

Animators (You'll be responsible to create and implement human animations and specific object interactions according to given instructions)

Comic & Video artists (You will work on spin-offs to our main project and realize teasers, trailers, intros, outros etc.)

Graphic Artists (We need you to create low-res textures present in alpha versions of GOTHIC (usually not more than 512x512 pixels)

If you think you could help us in any other way or give us any kind of support, please reach out: | GPG
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