project nyx

an oldschool story-driven,
open world action-rpg
in third person.

set in a dark, mystic valley of conflict and decay.

with an extraordinary
art design, comparable to games like evil twin: cyprien's chronicles or s.t.a.l.k.e.r.

dive into a
world full of refugees,
fleeing from
a war of prophetic

you are one
of them, on a mission to
end war.

four special
& unique plots depending on
your chosen faction.

experience an adventure full
of deep human questions and decisions.

with rejected concept arts by ralf marczinczik.

inspired by project phoenix, the original and never finished sequel to project orpheus, known as GOTHIC.

narrated like a greek tragedy.

new composed game score with samples by kai rosenkranz.

to play the game you need a copy of GOTHIC.