Updates | Phoenix Tales

29.07.20: lali: Martin Dietrich was so kind to send me his record of the interview we gave him in May this year (for his GOTHIC report). I've transcribed it and I'm happy to present the edited transcript here (german only):

11.07.20: lali: Here you can have a look at the Slides presented by our programmer logx at today's meetup of the Gothic modding community 'Moddertreffen 2020':

13.06.20: New Project Nyx Page, Presentation and FAQ.

09.04.20: Mood Teaser: Gothic Meets Acrobatics.

21.03.20: We can finally declare the release of the first, official version (0.5) of the GOTHIC ARCHIVE. An urgently needed and comprehensive work of historical value, as we think. Thank you to all contributors. Readme.

15.03.20: Vaana released a new comparison video to the 19th anniversary of Gothic.

29.09.18: Enjoy an example of our new Score made for Project Nyx by our composer Jonas, with samples from KaiRo.